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THE Four Corners broadcast of "Another Bloody Business" failed to generate the same public outcry that accompanied last year’s exposure of cruelty to Australian cattle in Indonesian abattoirs.

Read full story here.

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JULIA Gillard has sought to reassure her anxious backbench over the cruel slaughter of Australian sheep in Pakistan, saying she understands their distress but is standing by the $1 billion live-export industry.

Full story here.


Please join us in this fantastic community event!

The street parade is the finale of fifteen eclectric days of art, culture and celebration.

March with the Stop Live Export team and help us make a statement. This will be a great opportunity to hand out fliers for the Human Chain event the following weekend. We have about 1,000 to hand out. Will also be handing out information brochures/membership forms to those who want them.

Will see you at our assembly point in car park 20, on the corner of Essex St and Marine Pde, by 3.00 PM.

Maps and info pack:



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Linda Mottram talks to two meat industry workers about the latest Four Corners exposé of Australian sheep being brutally slaughtered overseas.

Listen to the interview here.


The livestock export industry and the Federal Government have moved to assure the Australian public that the recent inhumane cull of Australian animals at the hands of Pakistani authorities, graphically depicted on ABC Four Corners last night, was an extraordinary circumstance and not reflective of the vast majority of the trade.

Read full story here.

sheep pakistan au news yahoo com

Photo: Yahoo news


Australia’s peak veterinary organisation, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) strongly believes that the live export industry must be held to high standards to protect the health and welfare of animals exported for food.

Read full story here.

abc pakistan


Prime Minister Julia Gillard has used a meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan to call for an investigation into the brutal cull of more than 20,000 Australian sheep in Pakistan. Full story here.


The sheep before they were culled in Pakistan. Photo: AFP

ABC Four Corners -Another Bloody Business aired 5 November 2102

Please watch if you haven't already, share, share, share, and write to Joe Ludwig

Watch the video and read the article transcript:

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Wellards releases footage of sheep cull and a statement on YouTube, in an attempt to diffuse the wrath that is about to rain down post Four Corners' 'Another Bloody Business', showing tonight on ABC at 8.30 pm.

See video here WARNING: moderately graphic footage.

The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for the Land Transport of Livestock have been endorsed by the Primary Industries Ministerial Committee for legislation. Link to document.
SLE resize Al Kuwait K Love Sep 2011 Fremantle B

Fremantle 2011. Photo: K Love

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Abattoir under investigation after reports of roped slaughter in non-compliant abattoir

THE Gillard government is investigating another potential breach of its animal welfare guidelines in Indonesia, after allegations that Australian cattle were slaughtered outside an accredited abattoir. Read full story...

Indonesia Animals AustraliaB

Roped slaughter. Animals Australia 2011

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Import quotas and shortage of cattle all down to Indonesia pay back, but who are they hurting most?

Import quotas of 90,000 head for the current semester were issued by the Indonesian Department of Trade back in July, and most of those cattle have now all but worked their way through the Indonesian feedlot system.

aus cattle indo feedlot smh

Australian cattle in Indonesian feedlot. Image SMH

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Pakistan live export crisis no typical event

Should Wellards be held responsible?

As the dust settles on the troubling events in Pakistan, the Federal Government will now investigate what went wrong, whether the exporter Wellard Rural Exports breached its obligations under the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) and, if so, what penalties or sanctions should apply.

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Eid al Adha, the Islamic festival of sacrifice, begins today... a day of horror for many millions of animals slaughtered whilst fully conscious, often by inexperienced men, women and children without appropriate equipment.

It will be interesting to see how many Australian animals get caught up in this event. Despite supposedly being banned from individual sale to members of the public, it's hard to imagine that some sheep won't slip through the ESCAS "safety net".

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