A point well worth noting that I have really not heard raised yet, is that INDONESIA IS A MEMBER COUNTRY OF OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health).

From OIE standards Chapter 7.5 of the Terrestrial Animal Health Code:
"Animals should be handled in such a way as to avoid harm, distress or injury. Under no circumstances should animal handlers resort to violent acts to move animals, such as crushing or breaking tails of animals, grasping their eyes or pulling them by the ears. Animal handlers should never apply an injurious object or irritant substance to animals and especially not to sensitive areas such as eyes, mouth, ears, anogenital region or belly. The throwing or dropping of animals, or their lifting or dragging by body parts such as their tail, head, horns, ears, limbs, wool, hair or feathers, should not be permitted. The manual lifting of small animals is permissible."

"The OIE standards provide an international benchmark to improve animal welfare outcomes for its Member countries. These standards promote low stress livestock handling and highlight the importance of understanding innate animal behaviours and using experienced and competent people to handle and move farm animals." Peter Thornber DAFF

OIE standards for the handling and slaughter of livestock, is the highest level of welfare for animals that our government has demanded for Australian animals exported to Indonesia and all other 41 destination countries. Some animals will be handled in a manner as good as or better than Australia's standards, but most will not.

As low as the OIE standards are (allowing slaughter by cutting the throat of any conscious animal including cattle and camels), Indonesia can reduce the minimal protection those standards offer, by either ignoring them altogether, or interpreting those standards and codes in a manner that allows such handling of large animals.

It adds a whole other level of insufficiency to the standards mandated by our government. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be laughable.

Katrina Love

Cattle hoisted Juni Kriswanto Source AFP
Photo: Juni Kriswanto. Source: AFP